Leeds-based podcast company What’s the Story? Sounds are celebrating as the connection between the worlds of TV and Audio steps up another notch.

The company, led by TV Producers Darrell Brown & Sophie Ellis, was launched earlier this year. That followed the pair’s success with their debut foray into audio storytelling, a 10 part true-crime series commissioned by Audible UK – Body of Proof.

Now the pair have inked a first-look development deal with drama powerhouse Kudos which sees more than a dozen projects from the What’s the Story? slate being considered by Kudos for adaptation – and an on-going joint strategy to develop stories which can be exploited in both the TV and audio space.

Sophie Ellis, Co-Founder of What’s the Story? Sounds said: “It’s a hugely exciting time to be working in the audio world – and to be bringing stories to audiences which may not otherwise get told. The collaboration with Kudos will allow us to craft a number of projects which are big in ambition, and which can attract dedicated audiences in audio before their launch on screen.

Darrell Brown, Co-Founder of What’s the Story? Sounds said: “We’re thrilled to be using our experience as TV producers and translating it into audio production – there’s a lot of cross-over in terms of our story-telling techniques, but we’re also able to do things a bit differently to other audio producers and bring some new ideas to the podcast world. There’s a perfect storm for podcasting to grow and flourish in the next few years, and audiences are always going to crave well-told human stories. We hope to lead the way in telling those stories for audio – and with Kudos by our side – in drama too.”

Karen Wilson, Co-Manging Director, Kudos said; “We’ve been impressed by the strength of ideas being generated by What’s the Story? so it’s really exciting to be working closely with them in this way. The potential for crossover with drama and podcast storytelling is huge and we look forward to maximising that potential together.