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What’s The Story Studios brings professional production services to YOUR podcast ideas.

If you’re a business looking to launch a podcast, an individual with a new idea, or an existing show in need of support…our in-house team of editors, producers, marketing experts, designers, and industry specialists can work with you to get your podcast off the ground or into the ears of brand new listeners.

With What’s The Story Studios you’ll be accessing the same tools and expertise that we use when we launch our own shows. We don’t recommend anything which we don’t use ourselves. And because every podcast is different, you can choose exactly which services you need.


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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… but you’ll pick a podcast because of the eye-catching artwork.

From concept through to design, and creating a suite of images tailor-made for every platform, our creative team love nothing more than making your podcasts stand out.

You’ll have access to the same designers who work on all of our shows – a team who knows exactly what a podcast should look like.

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Your podcast is complete – but how will people hear it?

From hosting and distribution to marketing and communication you need to make sure your podcast is reaching listeners.

We’ll make sure your podcast appears on every platform, includes smart links to help audiences engage, and is submitted for promotion in-app on platforms in all your key territories.

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You’ve recorded your audio. You know what you want it to sound like. But you don’t have the time to edit every um, err and pop out of the episode.

Leave it to us.

From cleaning up the recording – adding and licensing music, to mixing, mastering, and delivering the files to your preferred platform – your audio is safe in our hands.

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We get it. You’ve got the next smash-hit podcast, but you need funding to make it happen.

Every year we commit to funding a handful of brand new projects. This could be your ticket to making the podcast you’re always talking about.

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You listen to the chart topping podcasts from the world’s biggest platforms. And you want them to know about your new idea.

At What’s The Story we work with all the biggest networks, and we’re proud to work with producers and indies to co-develop ideas and present them to some of the most influential buyers in the podcast landscape

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We all want an easy life. And to know that our podcasts are safe, compliant, and not about to get us in legal trouble.

At What’s The Story we work with a number of specialist media lawyers who can advise on anything from licensing music and sound effects to contempt of court, defamation and everything in-between.

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How often do you see the latest podcast being reviewed in the press, or featuring on a TV show?

At What’s The Story we’ve secured national media coverage for every single podcast we’ve launched.

We can build a strategy tailor-made for your aims and your target listener, and work with your budget, to secure coverage in print, on radio and TV.

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What are your target audience already listening to?

With our promotional services you can target individual podcasts, or entire podcast genres, engaging those audiences with your own audio trailer, feed drops, and ad-swaps.

All of our promotional campaigns are planned using real-world examples and benchmarks – with realistic projections rather than over-baked promises.

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Is a podcast even a podcast if you didn’t see it on social media?

Our specialists can build bespoke social media assets for every episode of your show, individually re-skinned for your preferred social platforms.

And if you need a dedicated website – our team can build a site that works for you – whether it’s a simple front page or an SEO-optimized browsing experience.