EPISODE 8 – Volcanoes Vs Meteorites

We’ve gone to the natural world… or acts of god… in search of our next two entries on the list of absolutely everything that might kill you. But is it lava-spewing volcanoes or speeding meteorites which are most likely to end your days on earth? Adam and Matt have each made their choice, now it’s time to find out where they feature.


EPISODE 7 – Robots Vs Marathons

The future might have many more ways of keeping us safe. But it also has robots. And robots can be deadly. At least – that’s what one of our hosts thinks. But will robots feature on our list of absolutely everything that might kill you? And will they be higher, or lower, than the undoubtedly dangerous task of running a marathon?


EPISODE 6 – Flying Vs Sharks

This week it’s a heavyweight contest between two items which terrify millions, and have been the basis of many a disaster movie. But what’s more deadly, flying, or sharks? Matt and Adam each make their case, but will the answers back up their belief?


EPISODE 5 – Bullfighters Vs Stunt Performers

In the list of the most deadly jobs, podcasting isn’t very high, which is a relief to Matt and Adam as they continue their perilous journey to compile the deadliest list of deadly things. But what occupations should be added to the list? Matt and Adam have selected the dubious career of ‘bullfighting’ and pitted it against the almost-certainly-dangerous stunt performing. But which one is higher on the list?


EPISODE 4 – Lightning Vs Lawnmowers

Matt Edmondson believes there are dangers at pretty much every turn. And he hopes that by making this series, the world will be a little bit safer for all involved. So in this episode he wants to alert listeners to the perils contained within lawnmowers. Meanwhile Adam has brought something more predictable to the table, in the form of lightning. But which one is more dangerous?


EPISODE 3 – Fireworks Vs Bees

It’s a question which is often asked, are fireworks more deadly than bees?
In this episode Adam is looking for his first win, as he and Matt bring two more ever-so-dangerous items to add to the ‘list’. But which one should be avoided at all costs?


EPISODE 2 – Motorsports Vs Mountaineering

It’s a sporting episode on The List of Absolutely Everything That Might Kill You, and each host has chosen a physical pursuit which they believe might be the most dangerous. Could it be motorsports which provide the biggest risk? Or is it mans quest to conquer a mountain which is the biggest danger? There’s only one way to find out…


EPISODE 1 – Vending Machines Vs Lifts

Matt Edmondson and Adam Kay are on a mission to compile the definitive list of everything which MIGHT kill them. And they start by focussing on the office – what perils lay within our place of work? Are vending machines deserving of the warning signs that adorn them? And what dangers are concealed behind the sliding doors of the office elevator? Both will be added to our list.. but which one will be the most deadly?