EPISODE 8 – Why Become A Con Man?

With our time opposite Juan Carlos coming to an end, attention turns to WHY he chose a life of crime. From his up-bringing in Colombia, to an unlikely criminal education and a desire for retribution, Juan explains his decisions. And put on the spot, he has some surprising revelations about his life and his future.


EPISODE 7 – How To Be A Con Man

After two years of searching, we finally get the chance to quiz Juan Carlos on his life as one of the world’s most elusive conmen. And we begin by asking HOW he tricks his victims, travels the world illegally, and stays one step ahead of the police.


EPISODE 6 – A Travelling Juan

Hold on tight listeners, because this episode – like everything else in Juan Carlos’ world – is unbelievable.

Darrell meets a friend of Juan’s, who travelled with him as recently as 2019, and who has plenty to reveal about the man he thought was a wealthy diplomats son! After learning about Juan’s recent movements, the net closes… and finally, after a two year search, Darrell receives the voicemail he’s been waiting for.

Is this the moment where he meets the man, the myth, and the motivation for this entire podcast? Join us to find out.


EPISODE 5 – Crossing The Line

In the latest instalment of Con Juan, we go back to the very beginning – and try to piece together the jigsaw of Juan’s childhood. After Juan reveals the reasons for his life-choices, to a judge, we examine whether his claims hold any merit, and ask if his upbringing in Colombia led him to a life of crime?

From Colombia to Canada, Darrell discovers how Juan once talked himself into trouble on the Canadian border. And – hot on Juan’s tail – a social media breakthrough inches us ever closer to finding the man himself.


EPISODE 4 – On The Run

Darrell follows Juans story from a jail cell in England to a luxury hotel in a different country, and asks how on Earth he manages to do the things he does. We explore the stories of isolation, being lonely, and even learn about a fledgling relationship. And, with Christian’s help, we make some remarkable progress in our hunt for where Juan might be right now.


EPISODE 3 – Con In A Flash

After charting his journey to America, Darrell is now in London, with Christian, finding out the details of how Juan came to be on the radar of the Metropolitan Police. We learn about his crimes across the capital, how the police were left to rue missed opportunities on the continent, and how, finally, a chance encounter led to Juan facing justice for his crimes, and leaving Christian lost for words.


EPISODE 2 – Poker Face

By the early 2000’s, Juan Carlos was a man on a mission… and one of his favourite places to ‘work’ was Las Vegas.

In this episode Darrell follows the breadcrumbs of Juan’s life to the city that never sleeps, meets an ex-detective just as determined to find some answers, and hears about an audacious robbery ripped straight from the pages of a Hollywood Blockbuster.

And perhaps – while we’re in Vegas – we might even catch a glimpse of the man himself…


EPISODE 1 – Skyfall

Juan Carlos Guzman Betancur isn’t your typical criminal. He’s been labelled as the most gifted conman ever seen. But nobody has ever understood why he does what he does, and what made him turn to a life on the wrong side of the law.

In this opening episode, investigative reporter Darrell Brown begins his search to find Juan Carlos. It’s a journey which takes him to Miami, and the scene of Juan’s first known crime. What can we learn from Juan’s time in Florida? How did he get there? And did anyone realise where it was all going to lead?